Falsely Accused? Need Help? Yes You Do!

It is becoming apparent from the amount of enquiries we recieve that more and more people are finding themselves being falsely accused. The huge increase in reports of Historical Child Sex Abuse following the high profile cases of Saville and others has given rise to the few who see an opportunity to milk the “cash cow of compensation” by making false allegations or using false memories against you. So easy to allege but so difficult to disprove, one persons word against another. Legislation seems to mean you are now guilty until proven innocent, so even if you think the allegations are ridiculous, laughable even, do not assume that a jury will see through the lack of evidence and acquit you. We have found through recent experience that you will need evidence and testimony to corroborate everything you say to ensure you are believed. With our 40 years of experience in conducting investigations we are able to look into the prosecutions gap, advise where we think there are disclosure issues, helping prove your or a loved ones innocence. Almost 50 cases were dropped by the CPS in a six week period due to evidence disclosure failings, call us now.

We know that partners of falsely accused are usually the driving force in the quest for the truth and we welcome working alongside you, giving help and our expertise. We will help you decide in which direction you should initially take, trace witnesses, search records, interview and take statements, produce and exhibit evidence, all to crown court standards, working in tandem with you and your legal team.

We do not offer legal advice and acknowledge how important it is to have a competent lawyer at every stage. You may though find some reluctance by lawyers to working with us, this may be through a mispercieved concepting or previous bad experience of private investigators. You are the client the choice is yours, lawyers tend to concentrate on the law and the evidence put in front of them, usually one sided provided by the police. Investigators can usually look at things with a different perspective and provide you with evidence to support your case.

It is so important to start your defence case as early as possible, it is so much harder to obtain sufficient evidence to get to a guilty verdict overturned as it is to prove your innocence at the original trial. So if you or someone dear to you has been falsely accused call Fox Associates today on 0116 2751381 or 07850 355022 and speak to an investigator or email office@foxassociatespi.com

(All enquiries are dealt with in the strictest of confidence and testimonials are available upon request.)