Commercial & Business Investigators


Fox Associates Private Investigators are all experienced, highly trained detectives and we continue to work closely with many East Midlands based companies, small and large, providing our advice, skill and expertise to solve a wide range of business related problems. Our services can be provided as stand alone investigators or working with or supplementing your existing security or HR team. As a member of the East Midlands Chamber of Commerce you can be assured of a professional and discreet service from Fox Associates.

Fox Associates experienced Investigators have achieved a great deal of successes in providing solutions for businesses which have saved both time and money.

Our Detectives conduct investigations into:

Dishonest employees,

Internal and external thefts and frauds,

Improper use by employees of company vehicles (See car Tracking Services), company computers, company property,

Asset tracing and brand protection investigations.

We also investigate alleged fraud, working “on the side”  in company time,

Bogus or exaggerated injury at work claims, false long term sickness claims and

Corporate Espionage. (See Bug Sweeping Services)

We can be an integral part of your recruiting process conducting thorough and meaningful background checks into potential or current employees or business partners. This can be done via internet research and physically visiting and verifying references from former employers and referees. This service ensures that the employee that you want and need is the one you get.

If you feel that Fox Associates experienced Investigators may be able to help you with your particular business related problem then Call us today on 07850355022

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