Surveillance and GPS Tracking

We are often asked to follow someone, whether a cheating partner or employee who is stealing or fraudulently being absent from work. People are often surprised when we explain to them how difficult it can be to conduct “conventional” surveillance, that is to say people actually following another person. To do that in towns, cities and rural areas can be very labour intensive and therefor can become expensive, long term it may be out of the reach of private clients or small businesses. It doesn’t really happen like you see on the television.

At Fox Associates we are all highly experienced surveillance operatives having spent many years working as covert surveillance operatives in the public sector, Police or Armed Forces. We always recommend the incorporation of the latest generation GPS Trackers which we supply, covertly fit, maintain, monitor, and ultimately retrieve whenever we are contracted to conduct surveillance. This enables us to provide you the client with accurate and constant information as to the whereabouts of whoever is the subject of the investigation, and at a fraction of the cost of a “conventional” surveillance. After a few days we will build up a picture of the persons movements, research where they are stopping and travelling to, and ultimately can be there to provide you with the  photographic or video evidence that you require.

Many other investigation companies offer this service, many of them subcontract this kind work to other people, many are not properly trained, do not know the legislation governing surveillance, often overstepping the mark and leaving any evidence gathered inadmissible for any future civil or criminal court case.

At Fox Associates we will tell you exactly what can realistically be achieved, how it is best achieved, how long it may take, how much it is likely to cost to achieve your objective and most importantly that the investigation will be carried out to the highest professional standards by trained and competent personnel.


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