Security Consultancy for Commerce and Businesses

At Fox Associates Private Investigators we are often contacted by businesses and local goverment and asked what we can offer to help with their particular problem or concern. Sometimes it is a case of Managing Director or business owner knowing that something is wrong but not being entirely able to put their finger on it. Whether you are experiencing theft, stock loss, shrinkage or intellectual theft, whatever term is used, it directly eats into your profits and those of any stockholders. It may be that some employees have spotted a flaw in your systems and see you as an easy target.  If the problem is  expensive items going missing from warehouses or in transit, staff or subcontractors using your time, plant and stock to facilitate their own cash jobs then maybe you need our professional help and advice to identify and stop the problem. Fox Associates offer a Security Consultation whereby we will identify any weaknesses in your systems, offer practical measures to shore them up, conduct covert or overt investigations. We offer a diversity of services listed below which is by no means exhaustive but covers the areas in which we have a great deal of knowledge and experience.

  • Theft and fraud investigations
  • Contract infringements
  • Misconduct/tribunal investigations
  • Risk assessment
  • Health and safety
  • Risk profiling
  • Risk management
  • Penetration testing
  • Pre employment & background checks
  • Verification of CV’s
  • Disciplinary interviews
  • Security health checks
  • Duty of care
  • Corporate investigations
  • Electronic countermeasures
  • Vehicle monitorin
  • Counter surveillance & espionage
  • Bug Sweeping, offices, vehicles
  • Implementing security measures
  • Access control
  • CCTV
Whatever aspect of concern you have we will assist you in identifying the problem and provide an affordable and effective solution. We will provide you with legally gained and robust evidence to either deal with matter internally according to your procedures or if necessary involve the Police. So if you think that you have an issue or want to ensure your current security is robust and would like to discuss with us your concerns, then call us today in total confidence.

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