Bug Sweeping / TSCM / Counter – Eavesdropping Services

Professional Bug Sweeping, TSCM (Technical Surveillance Counter Measures) Counter Espionage Services

Fox Associates provide expert bug sweeping services to both business and private clients who feel they may be being spied on and need their home, car, office, workplace meeting rooms, factory or commercial premises professionally swept for hidden microphones, cameras or GPS car trackers. Wherever the location or situation, our experienced technicians can conduct a thorough Bug Sweeping Service methodically and systematically to detect and locate even the most up to date and miniaturised spy equipment.

With our expertise gained working for public bodies we really do know what we’re doing.

The use of hidden bugs and cameras in the  domestic and workplace situations following the breakdown of relationships is on the increase, so if you feel that someone is always one step ahead, anticipates your moves, or you have that feeling of being spied upon, then maybe you are being bugged.

  • TSCM risk assessment.
  • Advice on counter-measures.
  • Bug sweeps/TSCM of any of property, from houses, boardrooms, hotels, schools, etc.
  • All modes of transport, including cars, commercial vehicles, boats or aviation.
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In the world of business and commerce no matter how big or small your enterprise knowing what your competitor is next planning gives you an edge. Corporate espionage is on the increase, no longer the domain of multinational conglomerates, it can happen to you. It may be a business partner or director seeking to take advantage of your ideas and hard work or a disgruntled employee wanting some kind of revenge, so consider the risks. If what you discuss in your office, board room, shop or vehicle could be of use to a competitor or may compromise you, then you need our specialist technical services to check for and eliminate espionage. We are professional, efficient and ultra­discreet.

With the digitalisation and miniaturisation of audio and video bugs along with GPS car trackers, placing them in or on your vehicle without your knowledge is easy for someone to do and hard for you to detect. Just think what you talk about and discuss when you are in your vehicle, or places you visit in your vehicle that you may want to keep to yourself. Our technicians can conduct a thorough bug sweep and remove the item or leave in situ to provide false information.

We also provide our services to check and illiminate the potential for cameras hidden in public changing areas in Schools, gyms, swimming pools etc.

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