Car and Vehicle Tracker Services Leicester

Fox Associates Private Investigators of Leicester use the latest high quality GPS car and vehicle trackers that we legally and covertly fit ourselves. We provide these services to both private and commercial clients enabling us to monitor a particular vehicles movements. Whether tracking a suspected cheating partner to see where they are going or who they are visiting, or if you need to track a company or fleet vehicle to verify if the employee is doing what they are supposed to and not wasting your time, money and fuel. Concerned where a family member is at any time or where they are going in their car, whether a teenager or elderly member of your family, our trackers can give you the answers. The reasons for having a GPS tracker fitted and monitored are so numerous.

Our operatives have many years’ experience of fitting and retrieving hidden trackers so there is no reason for you to worry, we do everything covertly. Once fitted our technicians are able to monitor and retrieve the location of a vehicle wherever it goes, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It will record where the vehicle has been, where it has stopped and for how long as well as its current position to within a few metres. Our GPS trackers are extremely accurate, and very effective, it is a superb intelligence and information gathering tool when the car tracker is used over a period of time and should give you the evidence you need.

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For whatever reason you require a GPS vehicle tracker, we will fit the device and monitor its movements from 1 week up to a  month or sometimes longer without the need of a battery change. If you require more than one vehicle monitoring that is not a problem, we have the capacity to fit and monitor up to 10 GPS trackers at any one time.

We are able to fit our GPS trackers to most types of vehicles including cars, lorries, vans, and even motorcycles.

Using a vehicle tracker provides a less intrusive method of following a person’s day to day movements. It takes away the need for surveillance operatives to be physically following someone, so reducing both cost and the risk of alerting the individual that they are being followed. The use of a vehicle GPS tracker is also the most cost effective and discreet method of surveillance.

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