Child and Young Person Protection

It seems that in today’s world children are more at risk of all kinds of abuse and exploitation than ever, whether from carers, family members or via internet chat rooms and any number of social media sites where your child could be groomed. Only recently one of our staff members found her 13 year old niece was providing far too much detail on her facebook profile. There are ways that you as a parent or guardian can protect your children by some common sense approaches, but sometimes you may need to turn to professional help to reduce the risks they are open to.

Fox Associates can provide a number of investigative services to help in the safeguarding of your children. We offer to conduct in depth reference checks on prospective carers or persons who have unsupervised contact with your children. It may even be a former partner’s new partner who you wish to be secretly monitored during access. We can check their backgrounds, conduct licenced credit checks, check references, referee’s, friend’s and speak with former employers to see if there are any “skeletons in the cupboard” or allegations of improper behaviour not previously reported to any authority or appearing on a DBS check. We supply you with a full detailed report of the results of all the enquiries made, highlighting any important and relevant discoveries allowing you to make a judged and balanced decision.

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Sometimes it may be necessary to conduct surveillance into someone you suspect or is giving cause for concern that they may be harming or disturbing your child, whether friend, family or carer. All enquiries are approached with discretion and sensitivity ensuring that our actions are not discovered.

Almost everything we do in the modern world involves the Internet in some way shape or form. There is a darker side to social networking and communication through such websites. Children in particular can be susceptible to bullying and other predators who use social networking sites to target vulnerable individuals. Social Web Penetration Testing allows you to see if your child may be susceptible to inappropriate contact on specific websites. Perfect for monitoring your child’s activity on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and other social networking sites.

Please Note: This service is only conducted with written consent from the parent or guardian.

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