Falsely Accused & Criminal Defence Investigators

Fox Associates are fast becoming the go-to investigators for people who have been falsely accused of a crime. Fox Associates have a team of highly experienced private detectives, ex-police detectives, who have spent many years investigating serious allegations such as fraud & theft, rape and sexual offences including historical child sex abuse dealing with all the issues surrounding disclosure of evidence by the CPS. As our client you will receive a friendly personal service from a focused and driven team offering you various investigation strategies to help prove your innocence.

We understand that when you have been wrongly accused of committing a crime or have had false accusations made against you it feels like the end of the world. Where do you turn next, no one seems to believe you or wants to listen. You may already have had advice from a solicitor but where do you go to for the help you need? At this enormously stressful time you need someone who can help negate the accusations, who will methodically examine the evidence to help you prove your Innocence. But time is of the essence.


If you or someone dear to you has been falsely accused or charged, call now and let us help to prove your innocence.

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Time is of the essence, don’t wait until you are convicted or even charged.


The Crown Prosecution Service and the Police have vast resources to conduct an investigation and bring charges. But they do not always see the necessity to ask the questions that may prove your innocence or the time to follow up on your explanations or alibi. They are having to drop hundreds of cases due to disclosure failings, failings that we can help find. You and your defence team will need someone to stand in your corner. Our expert investigators working alongside your solicitor are capable of examining the evidence from a different perspective, tracing and interviewing defence witnesses, seizing examining and handling exhibits, providing the evidence to help establish your innocence.

We will leave no stone unturned in our effort to hopefully trace witnesses, obtain statements and reveal evidence that has been previously missed or ignored by the authorities which will prove your Innocence.

All our investigators are experienced in the procedures surrounding the collection, preparation and presentation of evidence in line with the Police and Criminal Evidence Act and presenting this evidence to the Crown Courts.

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