Missing Persons

We at Fox Associates are frequently asked if we are able to trace or locate missing persons for any number of reasons and the answer is “Yes we can and yes we do.” Our highly skilled researchers backed up by a team of experienced Detectives do not rely solely on internet research like many so called Trace Companies and as such have had a good deal of success in tracing people in circumstances such as the following.

  • Finding the current whereabouts of biological parents.
  • Putting you in touch with estranged children.
  • Locating an ex-partner who you need to serve with legal documents.
  • Trace and prove an ex­-partner is now cohabiting.
  • Find people who may owe money, debtors, or overdue maintenance.
  • We can trace friends or family members you may have lost touch with.
  • We offer a UK wide search facility.


We are able to carry out real time investigations to trace people throughout the UK using our trained and qualified researchers and investigators on behalf of the public, legal professionals and businesses.

We just need as much detail as you have to start the trace, for a free no obligation consultation call us on 07850355022 or 0116 2751381.

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